GREAT! You’ve decided to enroll. 

We're blessed by your decision and we pray you're excited about getting started and as a result of your decision.

You may be on this page to see what it would take to enroll. Either way, our goal on this page is to walk you through enrollment step-by-step to make your experience as easy as possible! (It actually helps our staff a lot too!) You can skip this step-by-step and go directly to our download page.

Here are the FIVE INITIAL STEPS to follow to submit an application for enrollment:

Step # 1 – Please visit our Course Requirements and Eligibility Requirements  pages to be sure you are ready to enroll.

Step # 2 – Pastors, enroll on-line here (Brazil only) or, you may Download and COMPLETE the BSL Enrollment Application

Step # 3 - Download and SIGN our BSL Statement of Faith (You will bring this to the orientation session.) 

Step # 4 – Download and COMPLETE the BSL Room Reservation

Step # 5 – Send it all back to us! You may email, send us originals, or make arrangements to deliver in person.

If you are NOT a pastor please continue with step # 6

If you would like to apply for a scholarship please be sure first to review the scholarship page then Download and complete the BSL Scholarship Application (Scholarship Applications may not be emailed.)

No email? No problem! 
Give our office a call and we will mail an
enrollment package to you today!


Step # 6 – Download and COMPLETE the BSL Recommendation Form

If you would like to apply for a scholarship please be sure first to review the scholarship page then continue with step # 6

Step # 7 – Download and COMPLETE the BSL Scholarship Application
(Scholarship Applications may not be emailed.)

*BSL reserves the right to determine final eligibility for all candidates regardless of these stipulations or conditions.