Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the BSL course cost?

There is no cost for classes. The only cost involved with the course is room and meals. Students equally share cost for room and meals for local BSL teaching staff during each course. 

Does BSL offer scholarships?

Yes. We have a limited number of scholarships that pay up to 75% of the cost for rooms and meals during the course. Please fill out the Scholarship application form at our download area and submit it as quickly as possible.

Can I speak with someone about scholarships?

If you want to be considered for a scholarship the fastest way to get started is to submit your application. You can call us at anytime to discuss the scholarship program and financial assistance.

Is transportation provided to the course?

No. Students need to arrange and provide for their own transportation. Sharing a ride to and from the course is a great way to reduce costs!

I am not a pastor…can I take the course?

Yes however, you should know the BSL course is designed for pastors or leaders who have a strong desire to teach and preach--move into full-time ministry. The BSL Course is open to any qualified church leader. To qualify for the course you will need the recommendation of 2 pastors who have known you for at least 1 year. *Please download the Non-Pastor recommendation form here.

Where is the BSL course? 

You can find our course by clicking the BSL Course BSL Course Location and Start Date link

When does the next BSL course start?

You can get the next start date by clicking the BSL Course Location and Start Date link

How long are classes?

Each class is 2 to 2.5 hours with 15-20 minute coffee breaks. After enrollment and acceptance you will be given an exact detailed schedule for your session. You can find out more by going to our BSL course detail information page.

Do I need to stay overnight to take the course?

Part of the course is the retreat from everyday routines—time to get away and alone with God and with others passionate about serving God. We require all students to sleep at the retreat center.

What happens if I miss a session?

The BSL course is designed in progression from session 1 to session 12.  Missing any session is very disruptive to you, and to others. We count on your commitment as a priority in completing the course. We have limited enrollment and keep class sizes small. Other than extreme emergencies, missing sessions is not acceptable for any reason.

What if I can’t finish the course? Do I get my money back?

The retreat center will provide information regarding refunds. There is no cost for classroom instruction or material. 

Do I have to pay for all my rooms and meals before the course begins?

No, typically lodging with meals included are not paid in advance however; students must pay the first session lodging and meal cost before the course begins. To find out more please contact BSL.

Who do I pay for the room and meals for the course?

All payments for your room and meals are made directly to the retreat center.

Who teaches the sessions?

BSL International’s teaching leader is Pastor Lee John Bloch. Pastor Lee is the primary instructor for the course. Native Brazilian Pastor Norival Ferreira de Andrade is the BSL family training director and also a course instructor. BSL International is always working to build teaching staff. BSL Graduates are carefully considered for non-paid teaching and staff positions with our ministry. One of our goals is to have national Brazilians training other Brazilians where possible.

Are the classes taught in Portuguese?

Some classes are taught in Portuguese however; at this time most of our classes are taught in the English language and translated live (at the same time) by Pastor Clay Templeton and other bi-lingual translators.

Can I get college credit for taking the course?

BSL International does not offer any officially recognized college credit hours for the course. You will receive a certificate of completion endorsed by The Moody Church.

I have not been to seminary; can I enroll in the course?

BSL International course sessions are primarily intended for those who have a (seminary) degree in theology. If you do not have a seminary degree you should have done extensive Bible study and currently be teaching Bible. The last five weeks of our course focuses on expository preaching and teaching skills. 

Is childcare provided?

Childcare for all ages is provided on site on 4 couples weekends during the course by BSL staff and BSL volunteers.

Can I bring my children to the class?

Children are not permitted in BSL classrooms at any time for any reason. Nursing infants may accompany mothers in the classroom during the 4 couples weekends.

Can my wife attend the entire course?

Wives are welcomed and encouraged to attend as many classes with husbands as possible.

Can I share a room with someone?

Room sharing (Other than couples weekends) is a great way to get to know another pastor/leader. We can help you with this. Be sure to check the box marked “willing to share a room” when you fill out your enrollment form!