Some of our most important endorsements come directly from BSL International course graduates. We invite you to visit our YouTube page to hear directly from them. 

            BSL International Class of 2011

BSL INTERNATIONAL is also thankfully proud to have the endorsement of the following leading Christian Education Ministries and individuals.

  • The Moody Church
  • Dr. Hutz Hertzberg, Executive Director, The Orchard Network, BSL International Advisory Board Chairmen
  • Dr. Bill Bertcshe M. Div. Th.M., Executive Pastor, The Moody Church Pastor of Global Missions, BSL International Advisory Board Member
  • Rev. Bill Slater Rev. Bill Slater M.A. Religion, Apologist (Bill Slater Ministries), Bible Study Fellowship International Teaching Leader 21 yrs. Current Elder, Former Missionary to Liberia (ELWA Hospital). BSL International Advisory Board Member. 
  • Leadership Resources International
  • Church Task Force

All material in the BSL International course is reviewed by at least two members of our advisory board prior to being taught in any class. 

Certificates of completion are signed by BSL International director and by pastors on staff with The Moody Church of Chicago. The Moody Church is the home church of founder Pastor Lee John Bloch. Pastor Bloch and his wife are gratefully commissioned missionaries sent to Brazil by The Moody Church located in Chicago, Illinois.

All material for use with classroom instruction is done so with the written permission of publishers, authors, and ministry partners.