If you are a pastor currently serving a local body of believers or recognized by a denomination as a pastor you qualify to participate without any further *requirement.

BSL is passionate about including as many qualified leaders as possible to participate in this life-enriching course, enrichment coming as the direct result of God’s Holy Word being studied and taught.

The BSL course is a postgraduate level theological study. This should not discourage those who have no formal theological training. We believe God is calling every Christ follower to continue striving for understanding developing deeper comprehension of His Word through formal study. 

While BSL International Ministry is designed primarily to serve pastors who have completed theological studies including seminary, we invite you to continue the enrollment process keeping these requirements in mind:

Not a Pastor? Not a Problem...! 
We welcome those who are not pastors meeting one or more of
the following eligibility *requirements:

Recommendation of two pastors who have known you for at least 1 year

Church leaders routinely involved in teaching or preaching

Church elders and deacons

Ready to get started? Go to our enrollment section for step-by-step instructions! 

*BSL Intl. reserves the right to determine final eligibility for all candidates regardless of these stipulations or conditions.