There is a small cost to enroll. This enrollment fee is used to guarantee   students rooms and meals at the retreat center. Students equally share cost during the course for BSL Intl. staff's meals and lodging. The fee guarantees each student shares costs equally for BSL staff.

BSL does not charge for classroom instructions. Our staff and ministry, (this web site,) is funded entirely through giving and donations. We greatly appreciate donations for the continuing support of our ministry at any time. To make a donation please visit our giving and financial information page.

Q: Why do I have to pay an enrollment cost?

A: Students pay for lodging and meals. In order to reserve rooms and guarantee availability, BSL must register our staff and students with the retreat center. In addition to registration, students evenly share costs for BSL teaching staffs lodging and meals. Your enrollment fee, regardless of your completing the course or not, goes towards these two expenses.

Q: How do I know how much to pay?

A: Information about the location can be found on our Location and Start Date Information page. You should contact the retreat center to get current BSL group rates. Rates will depend on which group you are in, weekday or weekend. BSL does not collect any funds. Funds are paid directly to our retreat center partners. 

Payment verification for your first session lodging and meals must be submitted with your enrollment information for your application to be accepted.

 Ready to get started? Go to our getting started section for step-by-step instructions!  

*BSL reserves the right to determine final eligibility for all candidates regardless of these stipulations or conditions.