We are deeply committed to working with you to find a way to make this course financially possible! We understand for some the cost of lodging and meals places a burden on their budget placing the course out of reach financially. Many people ask why require overnight lodging when it adds cost. We feel strongly the time you will spend alone with God at the retreat center both in class and during rest periods combined with time getting to know other students is part of how God will speak to you. 

BSL International awards scholarships to husbands and wives to make participating in the course possible. After several years offering the course we arrived at another conclusion about offering the course; some level of financial investment by you is important. Whether your church or organization is paying for you or, whether funds will come out of your pocket, when you invest financially there is a greater level of appreciation. Because of this, our scholarships provide funding for up to 75% only of the cost for your lodging and meals. We do not consider transportation as part of the scholarship funding however; there are circumstances where BSL International will consider assisting with related transportation cost or work to help you make arrangements.

Our ministry is funded through donations. Scholarship funds must be carefully distributed to deserving candidates. We will ask you to complete a financial form. Only one person on our staff (not associated with teaching) will review your private information. They will make a recommendation to our executive staff with an exact amount of scholarship up to 75% based on your monthly income and expenses. After careful prayer and consideration you will be notified (usually within 20 days) of our decision.

Ready to apply? Please download your application here
Note: Applications MUST be submitted with complete enrollment information. Applications submitted alone will not be accepted. 

 *BSL reserves the right to determine final eligibility for all candidatesregardless of these stipulations or conditions.