One of our deepest prayers for your participation in the BSL course is hearing from God.  With this in mind, we ask each student agree to follow some requirements.

We’ve listed most of them here for you to review before getting started. You can also download a complete enrollment package from our download area.

This course is for Bible Believing Leaders who are Followers of Jesus Christ

Partial Course Requirements

  • Signed Statement of Faith submitted with enrollment package
  • Signed Confidentiality agreement regarding sharing between students 
  • Commitment to prioritize course study time before, during, and after sessions
  • Commitment to arrive ahead of time at retreat center and on time for classes
  • Commitment to strong participation in class and pre-class assignments
  • Commitment to share knowledge with those you serve
  • Commitment to contribute after course completion in follow up interviews
  • Agreement – no children permitted in classroom at any time
  • Agreement – no use of email, internet, cell phones, chat devices, during class time
  • Agreement – Absence, arriving late, lack of participation during course will result in loss of enrollment.

Respect for varying opinions of secondary theological issues. BSL International is a non-denominational theological course for Bible believing Christians. We do not expect everyone to agree on secondary issues not related to salvation or Jesus Christ being God Almighty. We do expect these secondary issues to be kept at a respectful level of conversation and private debate between students. 

BSL International will dismiss any student engaged in disrespectful behavior regarding theological matters.

Ready to get started? Go to our getting started section for step-by-step instructions!