This overview will give you general information about the course. Exact times and events will be available to enrolled students. If you have questions before enrolling please contact us. We’re here to help!

You will participate in 130 hours of Christ focused, Bible centered postgraduate level education. 

BSL International offers two options for you to complete the course:

             Group "A"   Weekends - Two Nights 

                               Friday Evining Arrival,Dinner & Evening Class


                               Morning Personal & Group Devotions

                               Classes – (4-hour rest after lunch)

                               Mentoring sessions (Individual & Couples)                                    


                               Sunday Morning Service - Expository Sermon

                               Checkout - Noon (After Lunch) Departure 

               Group "B"   Weekdays - One Night


                               Morning Arrival, Check-in & Coffee

                               Classes – (4-hour rest after lunch)  

                               Evening classes


                               Morning Personal & Group Devotions

                               Classes –

                               Late Afternoon Departure                                     

For specific information about the course please visit our course details page.