BSL International ministry is committed to providing biblical education. Our commitment to you is in providing excellence in biblically challenging postgraduate theological studies in answer to our Lord’s call to serve His people. 

By the power of Christ through the leading of His Holy Spirit
we seek to:

Strengthen the students, their wives, and their ministry for greater Godliness and effectiveness.

 Teach biblical leadership and shepherding principles that follow the pattern of Jesus.

 Teach biblical preaching principles that lead people to joyful obedience to God’s Word.

 Teach apologetics tools and methodology that equip God’s people to answer objections to our faith.

 Teach evangelism tools and methodology that equip God’s people to confidently and competently share their faith with others.

 Teach and encourage the implementation of biblical accountability principles for church leaders and the Church.

Provide a context for meeting specific needs of pastoral families within Brazil through initial and future training sessions with opportunity through course involvement for establishing new lines of support and accountability with fellow students.