BSL & Editora FIEL - Partners in Vision

BSL international believes one of the biggest challenges for pastors and leaders in Brazil is finding biblically solid study material. We are privledged to partner with Editora FIEL working to bring important resources to leaders in Brazil. We invite you to learn more here and ask you to consider how you might help BSL and EF continue to providing resources to Brazil. 

Editora FIEL (Faithful Publishing House) is a Brazilian non-profit religious organization that works in partnership with  Christian Literature Advance, a South Carolina-based 501-C3 non-profit mission. Both ministries are fruit of the missionary vision of  James Richard Denham, Jr. and his wife Pearl Armen Denham.

  We seek to spread among Portuguese-speaking peoples worldwide the truths of biblical Christianity, the contours of which have been shaped by the doctrines of sovereign grace, which gave birth to the Reformation and center upon the glorious redeeming work of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the only Mediator between God and man.

  In order to make available to the Portuguese-speaking churches sound biblical tools to both educate and edify its spiritual leaders, FIEL developed and operates through four interrelated ministries: 

  a -Editora FIEL (Faithful Publishing House): This publishing arm of Editora FIEL is responsible for the production and distribution of Christ-honoring books, magazines, tracts, booklets and audio-visual materials.

  b -Annual Conferences: Annual leadership conferences are held in Brazil, Portugal, and Mozambique. While the conferences are primarily aimed at teaching and training pastors and church leaders, family members and seminary students are also welcomed to attend and often do. The conference bookstore offers books at discounted prices.

  c -Adopt a Pastor Project: Through this project, a sponsor (church or individual) can provide for a pastor one book a month and the opportunity to participate in the annual conference in his respective country. Pastors receiving the benefit of sponsorship are located in various countries, including Brazil, Portugal, Mozambique, and Angola. 

  d -"Faith for Today" magazine:  "Faith for Today", a quarterly magazine dedicated to the promulgation of those great truths that spawned the Reformation and is sent free of charge to over 20,000 pastors and seminary students in Brazil, Portugal, Mozambique, and Angola. Found in this magazine are carefully selected articles penned by God's servants from past and present generations that encourage pastors to hold fast to the unchanging truths of the Word.