BSL International is an non-denominational privately funded ministry
We ask prayerfully for your help

There are several urgent needs. You can get involved with the work God is doing through this ministry two ways. One way is by making a direct non tax-deductible contribution right here. You can also contact us for more information about how to make a tax-deductible contribution through one of our partner ministries. 

Thank you for your prayers. Thank you also for considering partnering
with us financially. 

Ways to Get Involved Today! 

  • Scholarship Program BSL does not charge for any classroom instruction. Our staff does not receive pay. Courses are held at a Christian retreat center in order to provide the best classroom and learning environment. Scholarships pay up to 75% of costs for students to participate in our 11 month course. We ask each student to contribute a minimum of 25% towards the cost of individual lodging and food. Students attending the weekend course are required to pay for two nights lodging and meals each month. The cost for a husband and wife ministry team for the BSL 11 month weekend course, food and lodging, is $1,500. Students able to attend the course during the week stay one night and pay $750.00 for the 11 month course. For some pastors the cost for either enrollment option is unaffordable preventing them from considering enrolling. Please sponsor a pastor and his wife to participate in the course during the week or on weekends. 
  • BSL Reach program One way we reach pastors during courses is with reading material. We provide theological resource material free of charge. The one time cost (per pastor) is $35.00. Your contribution of any amount will help ensure our pastors continue to receive material.
  • Adopt a Pastor You can adopt one pastor and his wife for $50.00 each month. By adopting a pastor you will be providing them one book each month for 36 months. Pastors and their wives also recieve paid admission to two conferences each year. The program lasts three years but you may adopt for one year at a time. Adopt a pastor now by downloading the form. Download a brochure.